The Smell Test

Nguyen Nguyen | 5 min | USA | 2017

Kate Prigge of the Monell Chemical Senses Center studies what things smell like—to us, to canines, and to machines. By using many different sensing technologies, from mass spectrometers to working dogs, she is honing in on the smells that signal health and disease. In her latest work, Prigge is getting help from medical working dogs that are able to smell ovarian cancer in patient samples. The next step is to design a machine that can do as good a job as a German Shepard in picking out odors linked to the disease.

Some Notes On Your Health
3:00 PM | Sunday, October 15, 2017
The New School, Kellen Auditorium
66 5th Ave, Room N101, New York, 10003

Director | Nguyen Nguyen

Nguyen Khoi Nguyen is a multidisciplinary artist and educator. He is the author of the multimedia graphic novel “The Gulf,” which includes original drawings, music & animation. Nguyen is the vocalist, pianist, composer and bandleader of the jazz trio: “Superior Cling,” which performs widely in the DC metro area. As a filmmaker, Nguyen produces a dynamic range of content including art films, documentaries and promotional videos. Nguyen is currently the Video & Multimedia Editor at Science magazine.