The Great Silence

Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla | 16 min | USA | 2017

Arecibo, the world’s largest radio telescope, is located in Esperanza, Puerto Rico, which is also home to a critically endangered species of parrots. The telescope functions as an ear that is capable of capturing signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. The witty messages from the parrots remain unnoticed.

Shorts Program: Hybrid Creatures
2:00 PM | Friday, March 10, 2018
Black Box
NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center

Directors | Jennifer Allora & Guilermo Calzadilla, in collaboration with Ted Chiang

Through a complex research-oriented practice, Allora & Calzadilla critically address the intersections and complicities between the cultural, the historical and the geopolitical.  The interdisciplinary nature of their interventions is echoed by an expanded use of the artistic medium that includes performance, sculpture, sound, video and photography. Their dynamic engagement with the art historical results in an acute attention to both the conceptual and the material, the metaphoric as well as the literal.