Norman Leto | 107 min | Poland | 2017

Photon is nothing less ambitious than a summary of all existence from the origins of matter to the entropic dissolution of the universe (along with human life, past, present, and future). It’s also an extraordinary challenge to preconceptions of the science documentary, merging rigorously researched data with subjective and irreverant writing that forces the viewer to question the assumed monolithic authority of the narrator. Is any film expressing fallible human ideas really more of a documentary than the wildest sci-fi speculation? Decide for yourself.

Feature: Photon
7:00 PM | Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Cobble Hill Cinemas
265 Court St, Brooklyn, 11231

Director, Writer | Norman Leto
Producers | Daniel Markowicz, Piotr Galon
Production | Lightcraft
Co-Producers | Przemysław Wierzbicki, Dariusz Sz. Szendel
Cinematography | Michał Marczak, Norman Leto
Film Editing | Norman Leto, Antoni M. Kowalczyk
Music | Przemysław Książek, Przemysław Wierzbicki, Igor Szulc
Make-Up | Aneta Chaber Stankiewicz
Stylist | Marta Śliwińska
Stage Designer and Assistant | Krzysztof Bagiński
Narrator | Andrzej Chyra
TV Journalist | Karolina Kominek

Norman Leto (b. 1980) in Poland is an artist who is self-educated in the fields of painting, film and new media. His debut solo exhibition took place in The Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw in 2007. The same year, he worked with the director Krystian Lupa on “Factory Two”, where his job was to prepare video sequences shown during the performance. From 2009-2010, Leto was a resident in New York completing his autobiographical novel “Sailor”. Simultaneously he completed a full-length film of the same title. Fully financed by the author, the film was well received at the 10th Era New Horizons Film Festival in Poland (2010) screened in “New Cinema” section. Despite having no official producer or distributor, “Sailor” has been screened worldwide at many art-house film festivals and in modern art institutions.