Persistence & Vision

Mahalia Lepage | 3 min | Canada | 2017


Developed to bring attention and reveal the opportunities in research, this film is the first in a series focusing on compelling new research by undergraduates. These minds are fresh to science, and have just started to explore a new way of looking at the world. The film is ultimately about the questions, the unknown, and the search part of research more than it is about having answers. Hand-drawn animations weave through and surprise the documentary form – they are metaphors that both help convey the more mathy concepts, and hint at the explorative and creative aspects of science. In the imagery chosen, in the questions asked, and in the approach to the project itself, there is evidence of the science minds behind this short film – produced not by traditional filmmakers, but by people with unusual, hybrid backgrounds in science and art.

Some Notes On Your Health
3:00 PM | Sunday, October 15, 2017
The New School, Kellen Auditorium
66 5th Ave, Room N101, New York, 10003

Directors | Seema Goel, Jeremiah Yarmie, Mahalia Lepage
Producer | Seema Goel
Animator | Mahalia Lepage
Video/Audio | Jeremiah Yarmie, Kira Koop
Editors | Mahalia Lepage, Jeremiah Yarmie
Cast | Ryan Sherbo

Mahalia Lepage holds a B.Sc. in Genetics. Her skills are many and diverse, including a deep love of languages both verbal and visual, a commitment to science communication and outreach, and an awareness that beauty and humor connect human experience across cultures and disciplines. This project is her first foray into video and stop action animation. It is entirely hand drawn, old-school style and provides a rare forum for the perspective of a scientist to be realized for the viewer. We see through her lens (and hand) as a person connected to chemistry and biology as much as we are introduced to Mathematical Biology.

Jeremiah Yarmie is a B.Sc. graduate in Genetics, and a current master’s student in science communication, where he focuses in particular on storytelling. He has an affinity for finding connections to the human aspects of science, paying mind to the people who study science as much as to the science itself. His background in the discipline gives him a particular attention for the significance of what he is reporting, and its impact on the world it works within. Here, and in much of Jeremiah’s work, this guides the narrative that is drawn out, evoking the personality and character of the scientist behind it.

Seema Goel is an art-science cross-over with education in both fields, and the current STEAM coordinator for the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. Her ambition is to reveal the inherent creativity of science and its need for risk, dynamic and resilient thinking, the value of serendipity, and how its activity is rooted in hope. Science is the quest for truth, and here we celebrate those who seek it.