Philipp Buschauer, Michael Loithaler & Marlene Raml | 5 min | Austria | 2016


Nex is a hybrid symbiosis of computer generated pictures and filmed material. The short describes a cruel but common natural event which is displayed in an aesthetic way to reveal details that normally would stay hidden from the observer. The film is about the attack of a cordyceps fungus on a rhinoceros beetle and the following struggle between life and death, showing that even the tiniest things can have a great impact and that death is not only the end followed by eternal darkness, it can also be the beginning of something new and beautiful.

Opening Feature: Jane
7:30 PM | Thursday, March 8, 2018
Black Box
NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center

Directors | Philipp Buschauer, Michael Loithaler, Marlene Raml
Sound | K.Y.L.E.

Philipp, Michael and Marlene are three students from Austria and Germany. They attended the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg, where they first met each other during the bachelor’s program. After finishing the degree they decided to stay in Hagenberg for another two years and participate in the Digital Arts Masters Program. Nex is the result of the last three semesters of this educational journey.