Mars Society

Giulia Grossmann | 16 min | France | 2016

This movie is an offer to open up to our future, to our ability to assure : “We are here. This is 2030!”. Mars Society is a display of this future, which is so far only fiction. Conversation between today’s fiction and scientific’s simulation, this movie is as much an archive document on contemporary research (The conquest of space), as an experimentation flirting with two genres: the scientific documentary and the fictional contemplative work.

Cinema Performance Protocols
9:00 PM | Sunday, October 15, 2017
Made in NY Media Center by IFP
30 John St, Brooklyn, 11201

Produced, Edited, Directed & Sound | Giulia Grossmann
Images | Giulia Grossmann, Victor Zebo
Music | Cosmic Neman
with Alain Souchier

Lives and works in Paris. After graduating from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Paris-Cergy in 2008, Giulia Grossmann has carried out several films and installations projects which constitute the major part of her work. These projects have been shown in various exhibitions and festivals in France and abroad, in particular at the FID Marseilles, Short Side (Movies 104), Jeunes Créations(Le centquatre), Instants Vidéos The Armory (Pasadena), Comfort Station (Chicago), FEST (Portugal), FIFEQ (Montreal) amongst others.

Giulia forges links between fiction and reality, blurs the boundaries between documentary, representation and staging. From Native American to Mars Society, she takes an ethnographic look on myths appropriation phenomena and utopias.