Vincent Moon & Priscilla Telmon | 90 min | France | Brazil | 2017

This trans-cinema project is an experimental-ethnographic study of current day spiritual cults in Brazil, mixing tradition and modernity. The in-depth research has driven the artists to collect audiovisual recordings over 60 different ceremonies all around the country for the past 3 years. From the afro-brazilian cults of Candomblé in Bahia to the new forms of Umbanda in Minas Gerais, from the biggest catholic manifestation in the world in Belém do Pará to new uses of entheogens in São Paulo, from indigenous ancestral rituals in Acre to the rise of the evangelical cults in Rio de Janeiro, the audiovisual collection showcases an incredible array of cultural diversity and constantly evolving ritualistic forms. The project is as well a research into the forms of cinema today, and how to ‘represent the invisible’. With a visual language combining long shots of intense musical sequences and a contemplative point of view of the world, the aim is to create an immersion for the viewer, as a personal journey towards the poetry of humankind and the mystic rhythms of syncretism, revealing the deepest expressions of the Brazilian soul.

9:00 PM | Saturday, October 14, 2017
National Sawdust
80 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Artist | Duncan Marquiss

Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon are a collaborating artist duo working as independent filmmakers and sound-explorers. Together they produce ethnographic experimental films and music recordings, that are based on material collected from their numerous travels.

Vincent Moon (real name Mathieu Saura, born August 25, 1979) is an independent filmmaker from Paris. He was the main director of the Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows, a web-based project recording field work music videos of indie rock related musicians as well as some notable mainstream artists like Tom Jones, R.E.M., or Arcade Fire. For the past six years, Vincent Moon has been traveling around the globe with a camera in his backpack, documenting local folklores, sacred music and religious rituals, for his label Collection Petites Planètes. He works alone or with people he finds on the road, and most of the time without money involved in the projects, trying to produce and distribute films without following the established industry standards. He shares all his work, films and music recordings, for free on internet, under a Creative Commons license.

Priscilla Telmon is a director, photographer, writer, and member of the Society of French Explorers. Since 1999, she has dedicated herself to long trips combining history and adventure, paying homage to the wisdom tradition and mystery of the cultures she visited. Her passion for exploration of ancient cultures gave birth to films, reportages and books, working in the international printing press, on tv and museum. She signed expeditions on the last nomads, sacred rituals and shamanism.

Priscilla published “La Chevauchée des Steppes”, and “Carnets de Steppes”, on her 6 months adventure on horseback from Kazakhstan to the Aral Sea. She also published “Himalayas”, and directed the feature film Voyage au Tibet Interdit, on her ultimate expedition by foot and alone through the Himalayas during 7 months, following the steps of french explorer Alexandra David Neel.