Dead Reckoning

Paul Wenninger & Susan Young | 3 min | Austria | 2016


Dead Reckoning is a ride around Vienna’s Ringstrasse boulevard and from there to go into the city, to fall, to eat, and, finally, to end up on the toilet. Death is always there, always in front of us. The film follows the cycle of life, the rhythm of the city. The British-Austrian duo of Susan Young and Paul Wenninger works with animation and stop-motion technology. The filming locations show how Vienna has been influenced by cultures from around the world. An animated skeleton symbolizes the morbid humor of the Viennese and even appears as a grumpy waiter…

Planet of Consumption
1:00 PM | Sunday, October 15, 2017
The New School, Kellen Auditorium
66 5th Ave, Room N101, New York, 10003

Directors | Paul Wenninger & Susan Young
Actor | Raul Maia
Music | Elektro Guzzi
Editor | Paul Wenninger
Sound Editor | Amann Studios Wien
Production Manager | Peter Koger
Post-Production Coordinator | Herbert Fisher
Producer | Paul Wenninger
Distributor/Sales | Films de Force Majeure (France)

Paul Wenninger is a filmmaker, dancer, and set designer. In 1999 with choreographer Loulou Omer, he created Kabinett ad Co., a platform aimed at artists from various horizons. Recently, Paul directed the animated short film Trespass (Austria, 2012), which was acclaimed worldwide. Trespass was selected in more than 50 festivals (including Viennale 2012, Annecy 2013, DokLeipzig 2013, Alternativa 2013), was broadcasted on the ORF and Arte Creative, and received several awards, including Special Mention as first film in Annecy Festival. Uncanny Valley is his second short film using the pixilation technique. The film was selected in more than 50 festivals around the world and has been awarded 14 prizes and distinctions. Currently, Paul prepares an animated web-series entitled Swamp and has just completed a short animated film Dead Reckoning co-directed by Susan Young.

Susan Young is a BAFTA-nominated animation director based in London. Carnival, her Royal College of Art graduation film, features the fluid, dynamic line that defines her commercial work. Commissioned films include The Doomsday Clock, a film about multilateral disarmament for the United Nations, 1984: Music for Modern Americans for artist Eduardo Paolozzi, Beleza Tropical: Umbabarauma for musician David Byrne, and Jimi Hendrix: Fire for producer Alan Douglas. Susan’s films, titles, promos and commercials have been screened worldwide and she has served on several international animation festival juries. She is currently at the Royal College of Art researching animation’s capacity as a medium for processing psychological trauma, using autobiographical material to create a trilogy of film experiments while exploring new animation techniques. – The Betrayal (5’40 – 2015) – It Started With A Murder (2’50 – 2013)